Murder weapon sought in Beech Island shooting

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One day after the deadly shooting on caprice lane in Beech Island April 27, one man is in custody, but investigators are still searching for the murder weapon.

"We still have an ongoing investigation. We have a firearm we need to locate," says Lt. Michael Frank of the Aiken County Sheriff's Office.

On Thursday, Freeman was apparently doing renovations on a house on Caprice Drive in Beech Island.

Joavino Devine lives at the home with his girlfriend. He says when he heard commotion, he went outside.

He says Freeman pulled a gun out of his truck on his stepfather, Robert Poole.

"There was an apparent argument between the subject and victim," says Lt. Frank.

Investigators say Poole was shot several times.

The shooter then ran off.

Freeman was caught five hours later.

"One of our uniform patrol deputies saw a man matching the description of the shooter walking along Urquhart Drive towards Sand Bar Ferry Road," Lt. Frank says.

Lee Freeman is charged with murder.

Robert Poole's stepson was on the phone with 911 during the shooting.

Shots could be heard in the background.

The sheriff's office will not release those tapes yet.