Bank robber captured trying to return rental car

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Friday, April 28, an arrest was made in a string of bank robberies in Richmond and Columbia counties.

Two of those thefts were the previous day, at the CSRA Federal Credit Union on North Belair and the Wachovia at Washington and Davis Road.

The FBI announced they had caught one suspect and named another.

It was some pretty quick work as authorities had one man in custody less than 24 hours after the two robberies.

But their work isn't done, because there is another man still on the loose.

Deputies are ready and waiting if it happens again.

One day after an armed robbery at Wachovia in Martinez, they're back open and customers like Patty Williams are happy to hear that one suspect is behind bars.

"You know they're going to get the other one. I think it's just awful but thank god no one got hurt," she said.

We asked Williams if she was scared to come to the bank. "I was not a bit afraid," she said.

Vincent Savageau was arrested last night in Camden, which is in Kershaw County, South Carolina.

We're told he tried to return the getaway car to a rental shop.

Acting on a tip, authorities were there waiting.

Now the focus is on finding the other suspect, Demetrius Freeman.

In addition to Wachovia on Davis Road, both men are also suspected of holding up the CSRA Federal Credit Union off Washington Road. Both robberies happened yesterday within two hours of each other.

Ed Reinhold with the FBI tells us they are still reviewing surveillance video of the robberies and fingerprints from the scene.

"The physical evidence that we recovered at the locations has been helpful. It will be particularly helpful when it's time to go to trial," agent Reinhold said.

They really want to get this second guy, because they are all but sure he and Savageau robbed two other banks earlier this month.

"I would give 99 percent assurance rate that we believe they were involved in robberies in Richmond County here and one in Columbia, South Carolina," agent Reinhold said.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Demetrius Freeman, the FBI wants to hear from you.

Authorities are still working to get a picture of him.

But we can tell you he's described as a black male, 24 years old, about 5'10" with his hair in cornrows.

When Freeman is in custody, this case will be handed over to a federal grand jury.