Local teacher honored for 50 years of teaching

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Martha Scroggs of Episcopal Day School celebrated 50 years of teaching Thursday.

She's seen so many little faces over the years, it would probably be hard to remember all their names.

"50 years, that's a long time," she reflects.

She's been teaching there so long that Thursday, April 28 was declared "Martha Scroggs Day".

Students, teachers, and even parents who Mrs. Scroggs taught through the years all came together for an assembly to celebrate her.

It was a way to tell this most special teacher how much she means to them.

"She just tells me she loves me, she always gives me hugs," said one child.

She's known as their sunshine, and often their resident tooth fairy.

And even with all those roles, Mrs. Scroggs doesn't mind making the rounds.

"Well, I just think the energy I get everyday--I mean, where can you come to a job and have this much attention and this much love? There's no job in the world that could bring this to anyone, and I'm happy to have been a part of this school," she says.

And the young minds at Episcopal Day School are happy she's the one helping them build their future.

Episcopal Day School has been open for 61 years.

And while Mrs. Scroggs isn't sure she'll be around another 50, she says she isn't retiring any time soon.