Perdue signs tougher sexual predator legislation

Today Georgia governor Sonny Perdue signed a bill that tightens the law for sexual predators.

House Bill 1059 allows for a minimum 25 year sentence, with no parole and probation for life.

For the worst sex offenses and for kidnapping a child under 14, the bill also increases the time for anyone sentenced to life with parole for any crime.

Right now an inmate must serve at least 14 years. Starting July 1, it will be 30 years.

The law also requires lifetime electronic monitoring for sexual predators.

Georgia Sexual Predator Legislation: House Bill 1059
  • Minimum 25-year sentence, no parole, & probation for life
  • Must serve 30 years of life sentence before being considered for parole
  • Lifetime monitoring for sexual predators