Queensborough Bank armed robbers fired weapons at employees, police

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A bank robbery this morning in south Augusta lands 2 men behind bars.

It happened at the Queensborough Bank on Tobacco Road at around 9:00 a.m.

The suspects were caught a few miles away on Georgetown Drive off Deans Bridge in south Augusta.

Bank robberies are not uncommon here in Augusta; in fact, it was just this past Tuesday, April 18 that the Wachovia bank on Washington Road was hit.

But what officers say is unusual here is to actually have the armed robbers fire shots both at bank employees and at the police.

It's hard to believe the seemingly quiet Georgetown Drive was the scene of a shootout earlier today.

"Prior to the arrival of police, the suspect was spotted on Deans Bridge Road where a short chase took place. Suspect fired shots at one of the deputies, the deputy returned fire," says Maj. Kenneth Autry of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

That's when 34-year-old Donald Reynolds jumped out of the car and made a run for it. But he didn't get very far before he was caught on Webster Road.

The man shooting at the police was the same gunman who fired several shots at Queensborough National Bank and Trust employees using a sawed-off shotgun.

"He entered the bank screaming, 'Put the money in the bag', 'Don't put a dye pack in there'...during the course of that yelling, he fired several shots," Maj. Autry says.

It was a scene straight out of classic bank robbery movie.

One man goes inside and holds up the bank while the other waits for his partner in the getaway car.

And it all would've went as planned for the two, if it wasn't for a witness who followed the robbers until police arrived.

"That was very instrumental in getting us to the suspect," says Maj. Autry.

We aren't sure yet how much money was taken. Police generally don't make that amount public.

The money was recovered when police caught the pair.

The case has now been turned over to the FBI, so the two will now face federal prosecution.