4 high school students charged with armed robbery

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Four high school students are in custody after allegedly robbing a number of fast food restaurants in both Richmond and Columbia counties.

"It's not uncommon for us to see high school students and juveniles involved in armed robberies, so it's nothing new," Scott Peebles, Richmond County investigator, told News 12 Thursday.

The four teenagers were arrested Thursday, April 20 in connection to at least two fast food robberies this month, some of them involving a weapon.

"Three of the students were arrested at Lucy Laney while one was actually arrested late yesterday evening," Peebles said.

The students are accused of robbing the Burger King off Gordon Highway and Tubman Home Road in South Augusta.

A late night grab and go that didn't end there. The same mastermind robbed the Krystal off Gordon Highway in Columbia County.

Both crimes involved masks and guns...almost identical.

"None of the defendants that we have arrested today have any criminal history that we know of yet," Peebles said.

Meanwhile, police continue their investigation as to who's responsible for sacking more than just a small order of fries.