Parents protest at Warren County Board of Education

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After students in Warren County protested in March, Monday, April 17, parents marched and protested in front of the Board of Education.

They want the superintendent and all five board members to resign.

Four years ago, Warren County was ranked academically as the worst school system in Georgia.

Since then, they have come up some.

But many parents are still not happy because they say changes the superintendent and board of education have made are only making things worse.

"I don't understand why now children can't get a quality education in Warren County," says parent Miriam Ivey.

And now they're hoping this march will lead to something.

"We are sick and tired of things they come in our county to do, and as of today, we're gonna put our foot down and we're not gonna take it anymore," says parent Joseph Burnell.

Monday afternoon, some 50 parents protested in front of the Warren County Board of Education.

They're calling for the resignation of Superintendent Carole Jean Carey and all five school board members.

"They’re using their position to silence us parents," says David Myrick.

The parents have a laundry list of grievances. At the top are concerns about the hiring and firing practices in the school system.

This comes after three teachers were suspended after an internal investigation revealed they falsified grades.

These parents question the integrity of the findings.

"People coming in here carrying big sticks, beating folks over the head like they don’t matter...we have got to stand if we are going to have a future for our children," says Ivey.

They say they've taken a petition with over 300 names to the board to get answers, only to no avail. Some even claim being denied the opportunity to speak at board meetings for the last three years.

"We addressed every single concern, the problem is sometimes when people don’t want to know the truth or have to act upon the truth, they won’t listen," says Superintendent Carey.

The truth according to the superintendent is that the bar has been raised in what was once ranked academically as Georgia’s worst school system.

One former teacher, Carolyn Ebrom Martin, says these parents are only upset because the board has finally put an end to the practice of giving grades to students they don't earn.

"They could not read, they could not perform simple math computation and they were getting A's and B's," Martin says.

We called several school board members. Some were not available or declined to comment.

One board member, Robin Johnson, did say that the parents have had plenty of opportunities to express their concerns.

The parents tell News 12 they will have a rally next week at a church in Warrenton.