Tutt Middle bus driver accused of threatening kids, forcing them off bus

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A bus driver is accused of forcing middle school students to get off his bus...and not at their normal stop.

The problem has school board members and parents voicing their anger...and some want to see more than just this driver out of a job.

One board member is calling for accountability from the superintendent.

Tutt Middle School students were on their way home in what they thought would be just another day on the bus.

It wasn't.

According to the incident report, students say the bus driver, Robert Lynch, became agitated and started calling the students expletive names.

That's when the students claim he stopped the bus in front of the Time Saver convenience store on Boy Scout Road.

One student says the bus driver told them, "If you want to get off the bus, then get off now."

Some say they were scared of his erratic behavior and got off.

That same student tells News 12 the bus driver grabbed a student and shook his arm.

That student managed to free himself and jump out the window.

We caught up with the bus driver at his home on Saturday, April 15. He refused to make any statements on camera, but he did deny all of the allegations made against him in the incident report, saying he was having difficulty controlling the students and notified the assistant principal before he ever left the school.

Lynch also says it was his first time driving that route, so he asked the students to help.

Regardless, school board member Kenneth Echols, whose district includes Tutt Middle, said in a statement, "There's no excuse for his actions and it was irresponsible of him. If he was unsure about a stop, he should have contacted the proper authorities.

"There was a complete communication failure at the school board for not informing board members of the problems, and the superintendent will be held accountable so it doesn't happen again."

Parents planned to meet at the middle school at 9 am April 17 to discuss these problems.

Echols says the board will be discussing it at their meeting on April 18 as well.