Amy Walden guilty

Friday, April 14, a Burke County jury found a woman guilty of murdering her husband in 2004.

News 12's Kristen Cosby was in the courtroom and has reaction from the victim's family.

The jury finds Amy Walden guilty on six counts for murdering her husband Clint and leaving his body in their home with their children for three days.

Amy shows no emotion as the verdict is read, but Clint Walden's family is filled with it.

"We know Clint, know how he was," says Charles Walden, Clint's brother. "Just very elated at this moment that it came out like it did."

What keeps this family going are Clint's two children: four-year-old Jordan, who was in the house when his father was murdered, and one-year-old Kimberly.

Amy was pregnant with Kimberly when she killed Clint. She gave birth in jail.

"That's what I got left of Clint. Jordan is the spitting image of Clint, so I'm going to have another little Clint to raise," says Clint's father, J.C. Walden.

Amy won't be seeing her children for a while.

She will be sentenced in the future. She faces life in prison.

Amy Walden took the stand Friday to testify in her own defense. She told jurors she did not kill her husband. But clearly, the jury did not buy her story.