Thursday: Amy Walden trial, Day 3

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Do former inmates make good witnesses?

That's the focus of Thursday's testimony in the Amy Walden murder trial in Burke County.

Investigators say Amy Walden killed her husband Clint in August of 2004 and left his body in their home for three days.

The prosecution finished their case today with three women who say they became friends with Amy Walden in jail and that they talked with Amy many times about what happened in 2004.

Why would three women, who befriended Amy Walden in jail, testify she talked with them about her husband Clint's death?

The prosecution says because they're telling the truth.

But the defense says these women testified to help themselves.

One former inmate, Florence Smith, asked us not to show her face for religious reasons.

She was Amy's roommate at the Burke County Jail.

Smith says Amy never admitted to killing Clint, but did tell her she heard and saw the gun shot.

"She said it was an accident," Smith testified.

Inmate Kathleen Branen says Amy told her many different stories in jail.

According to Branen, at first, Amy said Clint killed himself, but later, Amy said they got into an argument and the gun fired.

But Branen says Amy never said the words, "I killed Clint."

One former inmate's testimony is perhaps the most graphic.

Melissa Odom says Amy told her everything about August 22, 2004.

"They made love on the couch and she reached over the couch, got the gun and she shot him right afterwards," Odum testified.

The defense tried to prove that Odom wasn't a credible witness.

They brought in her jail nurse, who spoke about the medication Odum was on for a mental disorder.

The defense also tried to prove that Amy's jail friends are telling these stories to lessen their own sentences.

The defense started with their first witnesses today, including the jail nurse.

The defense is expected to finish tomorrow, at which point the jury could get the case.

The defense attorney said it's possible Amy Walden herself will testify, but that could change before Friday.