Wednesday: Amy Walden trial, day 2

Clint Walden's father, J.C. Walden, testifies in court April 12.
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His family says they were deceived and lied to by a woman they loved.

Today was the second day of testimony in Amy Walden's murder trial.

She's accused of killing her husband, Clint, and hiding his body in their home for three days.

News 12's Kristen Cosby was in the Burke County courtroom Wednesday, where Clint's family testified.

Clint Walden's brother, sister and father all took the stand to talk about their desperate search to find him.

And they say during it all, Amy Walden lied to them.

"She calls you on the telephone, gives you a ray of hope that he's alive, but you know in your heart, he's dead," said Clint's brother Clay Walden. He testified in court about trying to find his brother when Clint went missing for two days.

Family members describe how Clint's wife Amy said she talked to him on the phone...and how Amy visited with her father-in-law, J.C. Walden, just hours before officers found the body.

"She never showed any signs of nervousness. We sit face to face the whole time," J.C. Walden said.

But the family never heard from Clint, so they eventually called sheriff's deputies...who found his body under a blanket in the couple's living room.

They say Amy never showed any emotion.

"I said how in the world could you do this?" J.C. Walden said. "Why, Amy? Why? And she just..." He shrugged.

Clint's sister Penny says she saw evidence Amy was trying to get rid of the body.

She found Clint's truck backed up to their back door.

To make a bridge, there was a trampoline between the open hatch and the door, and there was a dolly nearby.

And Penny has a reason to believe her sister-in-law killed Clint.

She says she talked with Amy about the agony of divorce. Prosecutors say Clint mentioned divorcing Amy just days before he died.

"Amy just said, 'I married Clint.' I got married again. She said 'I wouldn't go through a divorce. I'd kill him first'," Penny said. "I said to Amy, 'Oh no, let's don't do that.' And she didn't say, 'I'm teasing'."

Clint's father, J.C. Walden, also testified that Clint taught Amy how to shoot her handgun.

Police say it's the same gun used to kill Clint.

More testimony is expected Thursday, including some from Amy's daughter Heather.