Greenjackets rise, Lynx fall?

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It's a tale of two teams, both trying to gain sponsors and spectators.

For one, the season is winding down, the future uncertain.

For the other, it's all just beginning.

News 12's Diane Cho looks at Augusta's Lynx and Greenjackets.

Opening night is always a big deal.

The Lynx were a big draw back when they brought ice hockey to Augusta for the first time.

And Lake Olmstead Stadium was nearly full with fans on the Greenjackets' opening night Tuesday.

It was an event big enough to roll out the red carpet.

Thousands of fans poured in the gates at Lake Olmstead for an American tradition.

"I think it'll be great," said Tamara, a Greenjackets fan.

But many of them came for one reason and one reason only.

"I'm here because of Cal [Ripken]!" said fan Carl Riddick.

The sold-out crowd of about 4400 ticket holders still had some gaps between the fans for Cal's ceremonial opening pitch.

On the other side of town at the civic center...things were a little quieter.

Maybe too quiet.

Die-hard fans of the Lynx worry that Tuesday night was maybe one of their last games.

"I wouldn't blame them, the support is dwindling...but they still got me," says Lynx fan Mark Marin.

The team ranks the third lowest in the league in attendance rates.

The empty seats Tuesday night proved it.

Despite the rumors of the team's plans to sell, these fans say baseball will never do.

"Lynx need to stay, and maybe move the Greenjackets," says Lynx fan Emilee Jill.

"It's hockey. Come here with the family for a good time. It's excitement, you kinda give up on football and baseball when you go to a hockey game," says Steve Beahler, Lynx season ticket holder.

The team's biggest fan knows it's much more than just a game.

It really is a tale of two teams--one with an almost fairy tale beginning Tuesday night, and the other filled with plenty of talent, but down to a very few faithful fans.

Tuesday's game was the Lynx's last for the season; they lost 2 to 3.

Meanwhile, the Greenjackets opening caused quite a rumble in the sky.

You didn't have to be at the stadium to hear the fighter jets fly over in celebration of opening night.