Man hospitalized after being shot in the hip in South Augusta

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A man was shot in South Augusta Tuesday afternoon in the 1800 block of Tubman Home Road.

Deputies were called out at about 4:30.

The victim was lying right in the road.

An ambulance came and took the man to MCG.

The man had been shot in the hip.

Witnesses on the scene have conflicting stories.

A nine-year-old girl says she saw the man fall out of the car, and then she heard a loud noise, so she thinks that's when he was shot. Other witnesses say he was shot inside the car and then pushed out; it's unclear why there are these conflicting reports.

Deputies left the scene to interview the victim at MCG.

A Richmond County investigator says Prentice Thomas was giving two men directions while riding in a car with them.

Thomas says the men then robbed him, and shot him in the left hip as he was trying to escape from the car.