Tuesday: Amy Walden trial, Day 1

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The Burke County woman accused of killing her husband faces a judge Tuesday.

Back in August of 2004, police say Amy Walden killed Clint Walden, then concealed his death, hiding it from family for at least three days.

Today, Amy Walden is in court facing murder charges.

Tuesday afternoon we heard opening statements from both sides in this case.

We also heard two investigators testify about finding Clint Walden's body.

Both sides say Clint Walden is dead because the Waldens were upset over $40,000 of debt.

The prosecution says Amy killed Clint.

The defense says Clint killed himself.

"I was about to throw up, the odor was more than I could take," said Burke County Sheriff Greg Coursey, telling the jury how he found Clint Walden's decomposing body in August 2004.

"It's about the worst I've seen."

The state says the body smelled so bad because Clint's wife Amy killed him and left his body in their living room for 3 days.

But the defense tells a different story.

Amy's lawyers say Clint committed suicide. They say Amy freaked out when she came home from Wal-Mart to find his body, and left it because she didn't know what to do.

Both sides agree Amy covered Clint's body in blankets and allowed her two children to eat and play just feet away from it.

Amy's older daughter Heather was seven when this incident occurred.

She's expected to testify in the trial Wednesday or Thursday.