Rainy Masters Saturday meant more business for some shops

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The rainy weather didn't dampen everyone's mood Saturday. Some were even looking forward to it.

Cloudy skies equal big business for some shops.

When it rains, it pours---in more ways than one.

"Good side is, when people get thrown out of Masters they can come here and we can try to change their mood," says Roger Gilchrist, who sells collectibles and memorabilia.

A little rain sure isn't dampening his business.

"Last year was really good because it rained Monday and Tuesday. They closed the course all day, so all the people who couldn't spend money inside the course bought from us. The weather really helped us out."

And for golfers it's not a bad place to be, especially when you're caught under the weather.

It was Gilchrist's rare collectibles that drew Masters visitor Kent Gustafson inside.

"This is memory lane for everyone. I was there, I saw that, when Freddy...remember when he was on bank 12?" Gustafson reminisces.

Gilchrist has made a career out of collecting those moments of history and giving people a chance to own them.

Finding the collectibles is no easy task.

"I'm on the road 40 weeks a year," Gilchrist says.

Golf memorabilia isn't Gilchrist's only specialty...he also had a wide array of historical and entertainment pieces. If golf doesn't have you seeing green, there's bound to be something to catch your eye.

"One of the key pieces we have is, Al Capone signed a postal cover from Alcatraz, and he's written across the top so no one can write above his signature," says Gilchrist.