Windsor man dies after being shot during argument

A Windsor man is dead after being shot with a 12-gauge shotgun. The shooting happened early Saturday morning after he and a woman got into an argument.

On a street where all is normally quiet, with little traffic and few gusts of wind, residents on Clippership Loop had a rude awakening.

"It sounded like a cannon went off. And I was like 'What's that?'" said resident Mizraim El.

Around 3 o'clock Saturday morning, El was awakened by four gunshots, believed to be fired by 22-year old Mary Bey. Police say Bey shot Alvin Simmons outside his home.

Mike Sackel watched from his bedroom window.

"I mean he was on the ground, he was full of blood and it took the paramedics about 45 minutes to get here. The cops were already here," Sackel said.

"This is what it usually is - peaceful. And last night was a shock," said El.

Quite a shock to Simmons' neighbors and relatives, who still don't know why the two were even arguing.

"He tellin' her to leave his home, she wouldn't leave his house so they got into it," Sackel said.

"Everybody has fun you know? But I don't know what went wrong last night," said El.

Whatever it was left Simmons dead...and Bey behind bars. And now neighbors are leaving their porch lights on.

Mary Bey, now an inmate at the Aiken County Detention Center, faces murder charges.