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25 Years Later--What happened to Jeremy Grice?

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News 12 at 6 o'clock/November 22, 2010

NORTH AUGUSTA---It's been 25 years since four-year-old Jeremy Grice disappeared. Though it may a cold case, it's not a closed case. The search for Jeremy has never ended--it's one of two missing children cases in the county that is still unsolved. Everyone involved and affected by Jeremy's disappearance is still waiting and hoping for a lead.

It was November 22, 1985 and David Smith received a phone call he'll never forget. His nephew Jeremy Grice was missing. "I used to call him my little road buddy because anywhere I went...he would go...he would say "OK I'm game for it." Frustrated by the case, David eventually became a police officer. Now he's the Chief of Police in Burnettown. "The case is surrounded by far as the actual events of what happened and what people saw," he says.

The morning of Jeremy's disappearance, then-deputy Becky Edmonds was called to Jeremy's home on Miller Street. "For days and weeks this is what we no avail...there were no clues," she remembers. Jeremy was last seen by a neighbor standing near his mailbox in his pajamas and then he just vanished. Hundreds of people looked for him, but they found nothing. Several years later, law enforcement even followed up on a tip from a psychic and searched Langley Pond. Investigators say they looked into every lead, "there was nothing unturned," Becky says.

Throughout the years, Becky and other investigators kept looking for the little blond boy with hazel eyes. That little boy would now be 29-years-old. Throughout the years, the investigators got closer to the case. "All of us have kids and it could be anyone of us. So I know we've all been frustrated. We would like to see this solved--would have liked to see him come home," she says as she fights tears back.

The family still has so many questions--Who took Jeremy? What happened to the little boy that like to joke around? Jeremy's uncle says, "he just had so much enthusiasm for life that you just hate to see that go away."

Jeremy's family hopes someone who knows what really happened to him will speak out. Hopefully this Christmas, they can finally bring their boy home.