Campaigning for, against SPLOST is coming to an end

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News 12 at 11 o'clock/Monday, March 19, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga (WRDW) -- Both sides of the Splost VII debate have one more chance to lay it all out before voters head to the polls.
Voters tell News 12 they've gotten robo calls about why they should support it

Those against it are putting dozens of last minute signs out. The community watchdog group spent a few hundred dollars against a nearly $200 million plan.

Supporters of the package says the future of Augusta depends on the extra penny.

"It is bloated with projects that we do not need and some of which are not infrastructure projects," said Augusta Watchdog Member Lori Davis.

In fact her group put hundreds of Vote No to SPLOST signs around Augusta-Richmond County. Davis says her group is taking more signs to all polling places to try to push their message one last time.

"It seems to me that most people see this as something that needs to be re-worked. However because of special interest groups are involved in it they're bellied up to the bar for it," said Davis.

"You've got to give a little to get a little. It's some pork in there that I don't like," said Commissioner Grady Smith.

Commissioner Grady Smith agreess with most of the nearly $200 million plan. Smith says he has concerns about $6 million taxpayer dollar going to Paine College and $8 million for GRU-Augusta.

"I think that taxpayers money needs to be for county purposes and it benefit the county as a whole," said Commissioner Grady Smith.

"Many years ago, it was infrastructure. It was not for arts groups and not for special interest. It was not for buying property," said Davis.

Commissioner Grady Smith says public safety and infrastructure are top priority especially once cyber command could bring thousands to Fort Gordon.

Davis wants voters to look at the list of projects before casting a ballot. The Sheriff's office is receiving the least with $1 million while the public library is getting even more at $2 million.

The final decision will be left up to voters on election day.

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