Volunteer translators help international Masters players

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With any international event, language can get in the way.

But as expected, the Augusta National has taken care of that too.

Among the 103 players invited to the Masters tournament this year, you can hear any one of 10 different languages.

But not one player is ever left out due to a language barrier, thanks to several translators volunteering at the tournament.

One of them is Dr. Frank Chou of Augusta.

He's been helping Masters golfers from Asia field questions from the international media for 37 years.

This year, he's helping the Japanese golfers, Shingo Katayama and Shigeki Maruyama.

"Strangely enough, I also help the American press and answer questions they have about the Japanese people, and what they do, and how they transmit the news, and so on," Dr. Chou said.

And there are other translators here...but as you can probably guess, many of the golfers speak very good English.

Dr. Chou helps the golfers and their families find housing in Augusta, and even shows them around town.