Woman charged with leaving child in car makes first court appearance

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The woman accused of leaving her baby in a car for nine hours made her first court appearance Thursday morning.

Officers say Karla Edwards left little Zachary in the car while she went to work.

The baby died of dehydration.

Paramedics rushed to the scene to find the fifteen month old was already dead.

"She come to the pay phones and was just rockin' her baby," says Hardee's employee Victoria Washington. Washington remembers Karla Edwards parking near Bi-Lo and rushing over to get help.

"She came inside and asked me to call 911 for her 'cause her baby wasn't breathing," Washington says.

That's the same story Edwards told officers.

She says Zachary was still alive, and screaming in the back seat.

Then, when she got to the Clearwater Bi-Lo, she noticed he wasn't breathing.

Officers say they got a tip Edwards took her son to work at the Aiken Lowe's and left him in the heat for nine hours.

The sheriff's report says the baby was hot and sweaty when paramedics got there.

This tragedy is unbelievable for parents.

"I just find it hard to believe during that many hours she didn't think of her baby," says mother and grandmother Bebe Holman.

"It's getting to be the season where it's too hot to even attempt that," says Cohn Mosley, father of two.

News 12 also tried to contact family and neighbors. The report shows she lives at 513 Martintown Road.

A man claiming to live there did not want to comment.

But Victoria Washington saw it all.

"She was sayin' her baby wasn't breathin'...'We need an ambulance'," Washington says.

Washington made the call to 911, and now Karla Edwards is behind bars.

Edwards will stay in jail until at least May 22.

A preliminary report shows the cause of Zachary's death is dehydration.

The details won't be released until the investigation is complete.