Champ Walker threatens legal action against James Brown

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Here's another blow to the James Brown Soul of America Music Festival planned for Memorial Day weekend.

James Brown's business manager David Cannon issued a press release saying Mr. Brown will only perform at the festival if the expenses are covered for him and his band.

That's a cost of $25,000.

"As the festival is charging for tickets, we don't see any reason why the organizers can't at least cover expenses for getting Mr. Brown and his band here to perform."

According to Mr. Cannon, event organizer Charles "Champ" Walker, Jr. refuses to cover any costs and is threatening to take legal action if Mr. Brown doesn't appear.

Cannon says that this unprofessional attitude leaves a bad taste and feeling around an event that is supposed to celebrate the achievements of one of Augusta's finest.

Champ Walker says that according to Brown's attorney, Buddy Dallas, Mr. Brown made a mistake by saying that he would perform for free.

Walker says they never agreed to pay for the band, partly because of what it would cost and because it's something Brown's people never mentioned.

And there's yet another part to this music festival tale.

If you want to play--you have to pay.

Bands who want to play at the Soul Of America Music Festival have to shell out up to $600 in non-refundable registration fees.

So whether the band is picked or not, artists will not see their money again.

Musicians are also responsible for their own lodging and travel arrangements.