Improvements to the National please patrons

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The Augusta National Golf Club is constantly making improvements to make visiting and watching the Masters more enjoyable for the patrons.

This 70th Masters is even more memorable.

There are several ways to watch this tournament. Some prefer to follow the favorites; others prefer to let the action come to them.

We've all heard the talk about the added length to the course...but this year, there are new spectator areas on three of the holes: the fourth, seventh and fifteenth.

These are proving to be popular, especially for those who'd like to give their feet a little rest.

Also, the view from the stands gives you a little different perspective on what's happening right in front of you...just a few feet away.

"I want to see some of the top players play. Mainly the course is so beautiful---the flowers are just right this year," says Joe Shrader of Charlotte, North Carolina.

You can also find some shade at certain times of the day.

It's not the most famous corner on this course...but number 4 is a great place to watch the action on this newly lengthened hole.

Here's another good improvement: you can't bring a cell phone on the course, but there are courtesy phones in several places, and you can call for free anywhere in this country.