Par 3 fans camp out for best seats

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The Par 3 Competition at the Augusta National is a really nice experience.

It's a chance for the players to have a little fun with the fans before the real competition begins.

It's a tradition at the Augusta National.

And it also seems to be tradition to get there early and find the best seat.

We followed one couple around on their hunt.

Rick and Ginger Walker of Fort Myers, Florida wanted good seats for the Par 3 Competition.

"You want to go over by the 5th green and the 6th tee," Ginger said.

They walked the course looking for the best possible location.

"Okay, the sun is going to be where?" Ginger asked. "Because I want to be in the sun."

Ginger says it has to be a thought-out process.

"As soon as he picked up the map he started studying it," she said of her husband.

"I wanted to be able to see as many holes as possible, so this looks like a pretty good location for that," Rick said.

The Par 3 Contest is a big deal for fans. Many of them spent the day scouting out the best holes and putting down their marks.

Fans started putting their chairs down at 9:30 Wednesday morning.

Rick remembers getting to the Contest late one year.

"It was so crowded we couldn't get over here, and that's why I wanted to make it a priority to get over here...because I knew it would get crowded later on," he said.

Wednesday was the last chance for fans to snap a photo of their favorite golfers.

Starting Thursday, no cameras are allowed on the course.

The winner of the Par 3 has never gone on to win the tournament.

Some people call it the Par 3 curse.

We will have to wait until Sunday to see if that curse is broken.