Watch 3 holes of the Masters live at

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If you ask any of the thousands of patrons out at Augusta National, they'll tell you there's nothing like seeing all the action in person.

But now, for the first time ever, the whole world can see a slice of the action from the most storied and famous part of the course here, Amen Corner.

And instead of a badge, all you need is Internet access.



History, it's got that too.

But now it's got something new.

For the first time ever, Augusta National has set up cameras to bring you play from the three most famous holes in golf.

What makes this so special is not just the backdrop.

You'll be able to see shots from 11, 12, and 13 on the Internet before you see them on TV.

"The Amen Corner Live begins at 10:30 in Thursday morning...that's 5 and a half hours before you can see it on TV," says Elizabeth Roberts of

10 years ago this week, Augusta National launched the website

It's certainly come a long way since then.

Now you can see everything from real time scoring to live pictures from the driving range, and now live video from Amen Corner.

Last year, the official website of the Masters got nearly 3 million hits, and with them adding to it all the time, it's likely to surpass that this year.