Masters great opportunity for entrepreneurs

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It's a big week on and off the course.

There's a lot of money trading hands along Washington Road.

News 12's Stephanie Baker took a look at all there is along that busy strip.

Washington Road is a business opportunity for many out here this week. It seems like everywhere you look there's someone selling something, from water bottles to lawn chairs. And officers say that's okay as long as people follow the rules.

Thousands of people looking to spend, all in one place.

It's a strong economy for young entrepreneurs.

"We're like okay, what the heck, we'll make flyers," said Parker Rhodes, who is offering parking for a small fee. "We got a lot of business."

Another interesting sale: Walter Deandretti is selling badge holders and lawn chairs.

"It's a necessity that people need...and a great way to make money," he said.

Terry Branch is selling water bottles on the side of the road.

"I'm making more here than I do at my job," he said.

Technically they need a license to sell...but officers say they're focusing on crowd control and ticket sales.

Another big money maker is the resale of Masters badges...but it's only legal 1500 feet away from the course.

It's also a big week for business owners. Many say they double or even triple their business this week.

"It's insane, there's no telling how many thousands of people who walk through here," said Russell Wilder, owner of Top Shelf Cigars.

Improving business or starting a new one...the Washington Road economy is going strong.

The law for selling tickets at an increased price is 1500 feet, but officers say people can sell at 500 feet as long as they don't cause any problems.

The district attorney's office says reselling tickets at face value is legal anywhere, and the maximum penalty for selling merchandise without a license is under $1000.