Pollen returns early to Augusta

A sure sign of early April in Augusta is the return of pollen season.

High levels of pollen are around, especially early in the morning.

Pine and oak are some of the big problem pollens.

Of course, at the Augusta National there are lots of pines and lots of places for pollen to cling or settle.

People visiting from other places may have a time getting used to the runny eyes and noses in our sneezin' season.

"We stayed in McCormick, South Carolina four days before coming into Augusta," says Bill Burke of Lansing, Michigan. "We played golf three days there, and it was everywhere there. It was all over your shoes within five minutes."

Of course, our pollen arrived a little early this season, thanks to a mild winter.

Don't worry too much--it will soon be gone.

But some good advice: remember your medication or buy some over-the-counter product beforehand.

Lots of people apparently are lucky and aren't bothered too much. The Augusta National Golf Course is pristine, and it's kind of windy.

In fact, we talked to quite a few people out at Augusta National Tuesday to find someone who did have a problem with the pollen, but we didn't find anyone.