Motorcycle ride for charity turns deadly in Columbia County

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One man is dead after a weekend accident involving eleven vehicles in Columbia County.

52-year old Wayne Leroy Malick of Augusta died after a car collided with ten bikers, who were riding to raise money for charity.

Malick was pronounced dead at the scene at 11:45 Saturday morning.

The deputy coroner of Columbia County tells News 12 Malick suffered from multiple blunt force trauma injuries.

The accident happened around 11:00 Saturday morning on County Line Road, near the McDuffie and Columbia County lines.

"It was a fundraiser for a little girl in Harlem...just a tragic accident that happened," says Jimmy Glasscock, who lives nearby.

The accident left at least one person dead, several injured and three in critical condition as bikes lay scattered across County Line Road.

Witnesses say the accident was so severe some had to be airlifted to nearby hospitals.

"There was a lady, I don't know if she was pinned under car, but she was by the front wheel of the driver's side," says Robin Reasoner, who stopped to help the victims.

Robin was on her way to her mother's house when she and her friend Heather came across the aftermath of the wreck.

"There were people laying everywhere, motorcycles smoking, and I just heard a baby screaming, the driver's side doors you couldn't get to them at all, so I went around and grabbed the baby out," Robin says.

She says the baby appeared to be okay and so did her mother, the driver of the Buick.

"She was out of the car, 'What did I do, what have I done?' She didn't really realize what was going on," says Robin.

Hours later, officers were still puzzled as to just when and where it all went wrong.

Orange spray paint traces several tire marks that appears to be where bikers tried to get around.

"When you come up on something like that you don't know what to expect, but that was by far the worse it could've been to me," Robin says.

Several groups were supposed to have joined that ride on Saturday, but many backed out at the last minute because of the rain.

Fellow bikers looked on in disbelief while they hoped for the best.

Several other people were injured in the accident. Four of the victims remain at MCG.

Both Kathy Malick and Carl Albritton are now in serious condition at MCG.

On Sunday they were reported to be in fair condition.

Jimmy Barnes, another victim, was in good condition Sunday and is now in fair condition along with Elisia Hodges.

The other three victims have already been released from the hospital.

The Georgia State Patrol is still investigating the cause of the accident.