Local restaurants already seeing boost in business, pre-Masters Week

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The Masters is just a couple of days away...but some local restaurants are already seeing a boost in business.

Some restaurants say they are surprised that business is already picking up as much as it has because it's only Friday...so you can imagine what it's going to be like when the crowds really arrive.

"That's the thing about Masters week," says Adam Wise of Somewhere in Augusta bar and grill. "You're never ready for it. You know what I mean."

Ready or not, here it comes...

The countdown to Masters Week is on.

"We stay packed every day, all day, every night, all night," Wise says.

As head bartender at Somewhere in Augusta, Wise knows he and his staff will be working like crazy.

And being located right across from the Augusta National doesn't allow for much of a break.

"A lot of times after the golf is over, they'll come in, start having drinks, pretty much stay the whole night with us bouncing between here and Last Call," Wise says.

But rookie businesses like Raising Canes on Washington Road aren't not sure what to expect.

We've heard different things, we've heard 'Yeah you're going to be slammed, get ready, jammed packed all the time', we've also heard 'Your hours will shift a little, your lunch might not be as busy, but you might be busy early'," says Adam Nau, manager of Raising Cane's.

So they're really stocking up, to be safe rather than sorry.

"We kind of double everything, double staff, we double everything, inventory wise, everything," says Atlantis Williams, another Raising Cane's manager.

The McKnight family has rented out their home for Masters. Friday, they enjoyed their last meal in town before leaving for the beach.

"There's several restaurants in town, sometimes you get to see golfers, and it's fun to be here, so we'll miss that part, but it will be nice to be relaxed too," says Carol McKnight.

There's no relaxing for Adam Wise, but he's still excited...or at least somewhat.

"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, you enjoy it," he says, "and by Thursday, I'm ready for it to be over."

And here's something you may not have known: the Convention and Visitors Bureau says the average person coming in town during Masters Week will spend $266 per day...so, lots of money for these businesses.