Glascock County Schools arrange DUI accident simulation for students

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Drinking, driving, and prom's a yearly worry for a lot of parents.

So Glascock County Schools showed kids a real example of the worst-case scenario.

They got student volunteers to work with emergency responders and showed the student body how quick a fatal accident can happen.

The scenario: students are drag racing and drinking, crash, and have to be pried from the car with the Jaws of Life. One student, Thomas Davis, doesn't make it.

The simulation was emotional to watch for Davis' mother.

"It's kind of eerie seeing your son play a position where it could actually happen," said Wanda Davis.

In the scenario, Davis died, and the two other passengers lived. One was airlifted by helicopter.

The entire accident was narrated down to the last detail. The overall message? Injuries take only a second, but the consequences can last a lifetime.