Evaluation of Richmond County School Superintendent Dr. Charles Larke complete; results confidential

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School board members have reached the end of their evaluation of Dr. Larke after a three-hour meeting Wednesday night. But while the results may be in, they're confidential, and it's up to Dr. Larke to decide when, or even if, they'll be released.

The only two souls in the room are friends of Dr. Larke.

"I happen to support him and recognize that he's done some outstanding things for this county," says Ellis Johnson, retiree and Board of Education Consultant.

Johnson and Dr. Mallory Millender, a Paine College professor, were there to voice concern over what they call a crooked evaluation, questioning rumors that at least one board member was not objective.

"Out of 36 possible ratings on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best, 1 being the worst, gave him thirty-four 1s and two 2's," says Dr. Millender.

But we may never know just how each individual voted. The evaluation is a private instrument belonging to Dr. Larke. We do know its results were discussed long and hard.

"I think that we are just doing the right thing, what is in the best interest of the system, and I think the community will see the results in the future," says board member A.K. Hasan.

"When you get ten board members to sit in a room and all agree on this process, I think that's a good sign," board member Ken Echols says.

A good sign, maybe, but Dr. Millender says he's picked up on others: namely, vindictive and petty attacks on Larke.

"I'm saying that we ought to be insistent upon fairness, insistent upon justice, insistent upon truth and honesty. Now if we do that and it comes out unsatisfactory so be it," says Dr. Millender.

Board members will meet again in executive session in April to further discuss their goals for improving the school system.

They're also working to beat a May 1st deadline for negotiating Dr. Larke's contract.