James Brown not booked for James Brown Music Festival

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The James Brown Soul of America Music Festival is planned for Memorial Day weekend.

But it may be missing a major player: the Godfather himself.

In a story you'll see only on News 12, we reveal yet another blow to the festival plans.

Sources close to entertainer James Brown say it's very likely he will not be at the music festival honoring him.

James Brown's business manager says festival organizers have never submitted a request for James Brown and his band to appear.

Instead he'll be on tour in other cities.

It's a music festival to honor the hardest-working man in show business.

But James Brown's publicist says festival organizers haven't booked the festival date with Brown's management.

According to the Intrigue Music website, James Brown's road managers have booked him for Charlottesville, Virginia on May 25, the start of the festival.

And then on May 27, he'll be in Portsmouth, Virginia.

It's not that James Brown didn't want to participate in his own festival.

Brown's managers say nothing has ever been nailed down, and so his booking agency continued with other venues.

Brown's camp says it will be hard for him to drop in at the festival, especially to perform.

The locations of James Brown's band members - click to see full size

James Brown's band members are located all over the United States. It will cost roughly $85,000 to bring them to Augusta, pay for their food and hotel rooms, and pay them for the performance.

So far the festival hasn't paid a dime for them to come.

Things may change, but right now James Brown's business manager says it will be nearly impossible to get him here for the festival between his tours.