Litterers may now receive two points on drivers license in addition to fine

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Georgia lawmakers are close to passing a law that would increase the penalty for littering.

Right now, litterbugs are given a $1000 fine.

This new law would also add points to a litterbug's license.

News 12's Kristen Cosby finds out if this could clean things up.

From beer cans to water bottles, we all hate seeing litter where we live. Georgia legislators are trying to increase the fines to stop people from littering, but the people who enforce the laws say it probably won't work.

Picking up around his yard after litterbugs is a weekly chore for Johnnie Burris.

"It's constantly trash on the road and that's bad," he says.

It's why the Georgia legislature is about to pass a law that would add two points to a driver's license when they throw trash out of their car.

That's the same penalty for getting caught with an open container of alcohol.

"I don't know if stiffing the law is going to make a difference. We can see," says Steve Smith of the Marshals Office. He's in charge of ticketing Richmond County's litterbugs.

Budget cuts in the office make it difficult to catch people who litter.

The department used to have seven Litter Marshals on the street; now they have three.

But however many they have, catching a litterer is tough.

"Seldom do we actually find enough evidence to where they can trace those people down and make a case against them," says Marshal Tom Boettcher.

It looks like Johnnie's chore has no end in sight.

The marshal's office says the best way to stop littering is for the community to be vigilant. If you see someone throwing trash out of their car, write down their license plate number and report it.