Two sex assaults in Paine College dormitory, hours apart

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According to a Richmond County sheriff's report, two sex assaults occurred in a Paine College dormitory Sunday, hours apart.

Today News 12 learned through that report that the two girls and others were drinking with some guys when the alleged sexual misconduct took place.

While there is security on campus, some students say it's what happens after the doors are locked.

Courtney Gates and Kristyn Shaw are Paine College students, out-of-state students experiencing dorm life.

"Actually, all the dorms are all girls' dorms and all the boys' dorms are only boys' dorms, and girls can't go in to the boys' dorm and boys can't go into the girls'," Gates says.

But it happens.

Even though students say security guards lock down the dorms at night, visitors are still invited in.

"We have a no-coed visitation policy and people break that rule, that's true," says student Omri Miles.

"After some time they lock the doors so that people can't come in, but sometimes girls let them in," Gates says.

Early Sunday, two Paine students told investigators they were victims of sex crimes.

The alleged incidents happened at Graham Hall, hours apart.

One student says that she was raped after going back to her room with a male to get more alcohol for a cookout.

The other student says she was extremely intoxicated in another student's room when a male fondled her. The student says before she passed out from drinking too much alcohol she told the guy to stop.

"We are aware of the situation at this present time, and it is under investigation, and police reports have been filed," says Jay Jefferies of Paine College.

And students at Paine say not following rules may mean big consequences.

"We have had I guess you could say a stranger who was called a convict roaming around the campus in our dorm or another girl's dorm," says Shaw.

"It's very disturbing," says Miles. "It's sad that it had to happen on Paine College campus cause these things don't happen much."

Only one of the girls was willing to prosecute.

The sheriff's office is investigating.