Center for free literacy education getting new technology for student use

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News 12 This Morning/Tuesday March 25, 2014

(WRDW)--"I love my job," said BreAundra Bloodsaw. "I love what we do here."

Bloodsaw an early education student at GRU and a lead tutor at the GRU Literacy Center, which offers free reading and writing education to children and adults.

She tells me the Center really makes a difference.

"A parent came in and she brought her child's report card," she explained. "And, the child was failing everything but P.E. And she came back at the end of the semester and the child had A's and B's in every subject. It's a really good feeling, especially when you've tutored that child."

Now, thanks to a $15,000 grant from the Creel-Harrison Foundation for new technology, she and other tutors will be able to offer students even more.

"This is really going to be handheld technology," said Paulette Harris, Ph.D., founder of the Literacy Center. "We will have the Lenovo ThinkPad, we'll have Nook Tablets [and] certainly lots of apps that relate."

"We have more students than we have computers and we have and when all your students have to come in and write a paper or have to do research, it's kind of hard limiting their time," said Bloodsaw. "So I think having additional supplies will help out a lot."

Harris says the tech boost is also a stepping stone for the Center to offer more to students with learning disabilities, "for really diagnosing, screening and providing therapeutic services for students who have dyslexia and related major reading disabilities," she expalined.

"We're still in the dinosaur age in class with their books," said Bloodsaw. "And we are more technology advanced now and students are very much into that technology and so I think it'll be a better way to supplement them."

To offer the advanced option for people with learning disabilities, the Center is in the process of becoming a National Reading Styles Exemplary Model Program.

They're on track to offer the program for the fall 2014 semester.

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