2 tractor-trailers, 10 John Deere tractors stolen at Columbia County trucking company

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How does someone steal two tractor-trailers and 10 John Deere tractors loaded up on them?

It happened at the Tennant Truck Lines located off of Sudan Drive in Columbia County.

News 12's Domonique Benn finds out why there is such a big market for equipment theft.

A load of John Deere tractors on a flatbed truck is worth about $150,000.

Jim Williamson of TMC, a trucking company out of Martinez, is in charge of making sure this equipment leaves with the right person.

"We had a tractor stolen here five years ago," says Williamson.

That's what happened at Tennant Truck Lines on Sunday.

Tennant is also a holding lot for John Deere tractors.

Thieves made off with two tractor-trailers and 10 tractors estimated at $300,000.

It's big business moving along the interstate.

"Apparently there have been some thefts up and down the interstate both I-20 and I-95," says Capt. Steve Morris of the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

People who work in this business every day moving these tractors say when they are stolen it's almost always an inside job or someone who knows the business. That's because there's a specific way the equipment has to be chained.

"They broke up a big lot in South Georgia a year ago I think it was," says Williamson.

And now the owner of Tennant Truck Lines is wondering how $300,000 in equipment disappeared from the lot.

The two tractor-trailers have been recovered in Valley, Alabama.

That's about three hours from Augusta, right off of I-85.

The 10 tractors are still missing.

The sheriff's office is confident they will make an arrest and recover most if not all of the tractors.