Wednesday marks 90th anniversary of Great Augusta Fire

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Today marks the anniversary of one of the greatest tragedies in Augusta history.

We're taking you back to the night the Augusta skies turned red.

25 blocks of downtown Augusta were destroyed by fire 90 years ago Wednesday night--March 22, 1916.

The damage was in the millions.

300 people were left homeless, but no one died.

The fire started in the Dyer Building at 8th and Broad. The building was supposed to be fireproof.

It wasn't.

Fire Chief Frank Reynolds and his men responded in two minutes, but it was too late.

Building after building, block after block, the fire raced to the east.

Carroll's Corner Store at 5th and Broad was a casualty.

The fire burned for 11 hours. You could see the glow of the flames for 20 miles.

A night not to forget.

The fire led to new building codes and pushed the city's growth to the west--especially toward the Hill area.