March 20: Smith Murder Trial, Day 1

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District Attorney Danny Craig began interviewing witnesses in the murder trial for Mack Smith, the husband of Ashley Smith.

Cory Coggins and Barry Tabor, Jr. are accused of killing Smith during an argument at an apartment complex.

The Smith murder trial gained national attention when Ashley Smith helped police capture accused Atlanta courthouse shooter Brian Nichols.

Jury selection began Monday morning, and attorneys made their opening statements around lunchtime.

District attorney Danny Craig told the court that Ashley and Mack Smith went bowling with two other people.

Smith wanted to confront Chris Jerrard, who he believed was the person who told the group he was a police informant.

Later Ashley drove her husband over to Barry Tabor's apartment, according to Craig.

That's where Jerrard supposedly was.

A series of fights then broke out, and Danny Craig says Tabor and Coggins ended up on top of Mack Smith.

Then Coggins stabbed Smith once in the shoulder and once in the heart.

Craig said a female saw Coggins sharpening his knife earlier that day.

Barry Tabor's attorney argues that Tabor is not guilty. He says that Tabor felt threatened when Smith got to the apartment and was simply fighting back.

And Coggins' attorney says Mack went to Tabor's apartment to pick a fight with Jerrard.

He says Coggins discouraged Mack from going to the apartment in the first place.

They are in the process of interviewing the witnesses.

Dr. Jeffrey Smith's autopsy confirmed the stab wound did kill Mack Smith.

More interviews and crime scene investigations will take place on Tuesday.