Back to business as usual on Olive Road; drivers speed, ignore warning signs

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It's been open for less than a day, and drivers are already taking risks on the Olive Road underpass.

This after a fatal accident closed the road for several weeks, fueling speculation it might never reopen.

Tonight, the signs designed to save your life, and the drivers who may be ignoring them.

The cost of running a stop sign in Richmond County is close to $300.

But it's not stopping some drivers.

Olive Road may be a never-ending problem.

From red flashing lights to brake lights to blue police lights...Olive Road drivers, beware.

"No excuses. There's no reason anybody should run a stop sign that big," said Cpl. Brandon Reeves of the Richmond County Sheriff's Department.

But believe it or not, they are...just minutes after Cpl. Reeves left his post.

One car sped right past the white line.

"We'll be put down here just for this reason to enforce this. It'll be zero tolerance," Cpl. Reeves said.

It's a strategy deputies are taking seriously after numerous wrecks and a fatality last month, the result of the driver of a U-Haul truck not obeying street signs.

After lengthy talks about whether to re-open the road, engineers hung the last light today...newly installed among several other safety devices.

"Stop signs, extra sets of lights, rumble strips and enlarged the signage," explained Mike Edwards, operations manager of the traffic department.

$1500 worth of equipment, and police are watching to make sure you're watching too.

"Nobody should have to die on the road," says Cpl. Reeves. "All fatalities can be avoidable, especially with the situation here."