Project ChildSafe gives away free gun locks Friday

It's an effort to keep your children safe.

Friday, Project ChildSafe began its safety education tour.

They passed out free gun locks at the K-Mart in North Augusta.

So far, Project ChildSafe has distributed over 30 million free gun locks across the country.

Their goal is to prevent needless gun accidents that often happen in the home.

"Children and guns don't mix," says Robert Spangler of Project ChildSafe. "Children are very curious, and find a firearm laying around and the first thing they want to do is pick it up. With these gun locks on there, it's impossible to load it...makes the firearm nothing more than a club."

The group was at K-Mart until 6 o'clock Friday.

For more information on how you can protect your children, visit Project ChildSafe's website at .