Former Augusta mayoral candidate Blocker-Adams runs for State House

Former Augusta mayoral candidate Helen Blocker-Adams is running for office again.

But this time it's for Georgia State House District 120.

Blocker-Adams made the announcement at a news conference Thursday morning.

She's running as an independent.

The seat is currently held by democrat Quincy Murphy.

But she says she's not running against him out of spite.

"I've been asked several times, why are you running against Quincy Murphy, are you upset with him, absolutely not," says Blocker-Adams. "Mr. Murphy is a good man and I'm not running against Quincy. However, we are giving the people of this district a choice."

Ms. Blocker-Adams says she chose to make her announcement at the old Regency Mall because one of her goals, if elected, is to turn the area into an entertainment and shopping complex.