Child struck by truck doing doughnuts in field miraculously unharmed

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A field commonly used as a playground was the site for police and EMT's Thursday a little girl was caught between her bike and a truck.

News 12's Kate Tillotson is on your side with how the girl miraculously escaped unharmed.

It's what's left of a little girl's bike...some bent handlebars, a dented tire and a seat now sitting on the front steps.

Robert Brown/Driver's Grandfather: "That's a violation. Just to spin a wheel anyway is a violation and that's just reckless driving," says Robert Brown. He bought a Cadillac for his grandson, Joaquin Simkins, who is now charged with reckless driving and having no proof of insurance.

His friend, Clifton Jones, the driver of this truck, is also charged with reckless driving after striking a 6-year-old girl riding her bike.

Yvonne Briggs, the girl's neighbor, tells News 12, "They like to play out there in the road and out there on the field, sometimes when they come in from school."

And it's from this field - in front of the girl's home - that she was whisked away in an ambulance...not seriously hurt but very shaken up.

Tire marks remain from where the two teens were doing donuts.

"You know, they need to be more careful," says Briggs.

On the scene, a deputy handed out multiple tickets as well as an April court date for both Simkins and Jones to appear.

Some neighbors hoping it will serve as a warning to young drivers in an area with lots of kids.

"I hate to see any child get hurt," says Briggs. "There's a whole lot of kids out here."

The little girl was taken to the Aiken regional hospital, just to be safe, but she suffered no major injuries. As for the two teenage drivers, they'll appear in court on April 17...but today, both drove away with their licenses.