Daniel Field plans to use grant money for improvements

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Close to four years ago, someone came in to Daniel Field and stole an airplane.

But more and more improvements are making it harder to do things like that.

News 12's Meredith Taylor is on your side with what the latest grant will pay for.

Daniel Field is open 24 hours a day, everyday. It's been that way for nearly 80 years.

"This airport is in good shape," says airport manager Buster Boshears.

For the last 10 years, federal and state money has paid for improvement projects.

"Again they've extended the runways, paved the runways, striped the taxiways as well as the runways themselves," says Becky Shealy of Augusta Aviation.

And a grant of more than $112,000 just came in from Uncle Sam.

Boshears says some of it will finish projects already started.

"We are replacing the perimeter fence around the airport," he says. "Then we also want to put some security lights up on the hangar that'll shine out on the ramp."

The dollars will also pay for a paved access road to a storage hangar on the south end.

For years, there's been talk of putting security cameras in here at the airport. While that won't happen now, it's still being considered for the future.

And that plan could take flight in as early as a month.

"What we're going to do is buy a small system and put it to see how it will work on the airport, then expand it," says Boshears.

"We're looking at this as a proactive approach, we're not waiting till something catastrophic happens to implement these things," says Shealy.

With 100 planes based here, and up to two dozen more customers every day, business is looking up.

Traffic picks up heavily during the masters, but patrons flying in this year will have to wait to see the improvements until next time.

They won't start until the summer and they'll take about two months.