New abstinence class for Columbia County schools presented as comedy routine

An abstinence class is coming to Columbia County schools.

Parents will soon have the option to let their kids attend.

Judge Flanagan of Juvenile Court told the board that the speaker presents the topic in a comedy routine...and it's a good way to reach teenagers.

Board member Regina Bucafusco argued that comedy isn't an appropriate way to tell kids about abstinence.

But the board voted four to one in favor of the class.

"He has the ability to reach children better than I do with a program about abstinence," says Judge Flanagan. "Abstinence is a hard sell."

Information and permission slips will go home to parents soon, and the class will start on April 24.

The school board expects it will go an hour a day for several days.

Parents will be able to view the material separate from the kids at a meeting in the evening.