Augusta Regional Airport's new concourse opens Sunday

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Sunday, Augusta Regional Airport's new concourse will open.

It's the first phase in several years and $30 million worth of changes.

News 12's Kristen Cosby got a sneak peak at the new hold room.

Augusta Regional looks a little rough on the outside right now as they work on their changes.

But Sunday's flyers, who will arrive to a beautiful new concourse, will know it's all worth it.

It's easy to see why Augusta Regional needs some improvements.

"Just looks a little dated," says traveler Craig Gnagey. "Could use a little improvement, a little updating."

The main concourse will eventually connect to the new terminal building.

Airport spokesperson Diane Johnson gave us an early tour of the area. It is 23,000 square feet and costs $8 million.

Final touches are happening the rest of the week.

The main hold area boasts shiny ticket desks and new flat screens with flight information.

It will also host temporary security screening.

Once the new terminal is up is there's going to be a small gift shop and concession area.

The entire new terminal project will be complete in the fall of 2007.

In August, construction crews will demolish the current terminal and build the new one.

But for now, work focuses on getting the concourse ready to welcome Masters guests.

"It presents Augusta in a beautiful light," says Johnson.

The timing of the opening, a few weeks before Masters, was planned.

"We want it to be a good experience," Johnson says. "We don't want to have any glitches or problems, so we wanted to have enough time to work out any bugs that might show up."

Augusta Regional is inviting everyone to come see the new concourse.

They're holding an open house this Friday evening from 5:30 to 8:30.

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