House fire in Bamberg results in death of child, serious injury to parents

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Their home, their memories, and their child...all taken by fire.

Now, an outpouring of love from family, but many questions about what's next for a life turned upside down.

A house fire in Bamberg, South Carolina claimed the life of a ten-year-old boy Sunday night. The boy's parents were taken to the burn ward.

It's been a long day for their family, waiting at Doctor's Hospital.

They say they have no food and nowhere to go.

But what they say they do have is hope...that two of their relatives will be okay.

They're together as a family...holding on and waiting.

Late Sunday night, a fire in Bamberg, South Carolina fully engulfed the home of the Ibarra family.

Sandra and Hugo Ibarra were badly burned and rushed to the Still Burn Center at Doctor's Hospital.

"This is freaky, we don't know the reality of what's going on. My sister called me to Texas on Sunday night and I just don't believe it," says Lupe Gutierrez, brother to Sandra Ibarra.

Everyone else made it out okay but Hugo, the couple's ten-year-old boy...who investigators found dead inside the home after they put out the blaze.

"They lost family, house, everything, he lost, we don't have nothing," says Lupe.

Lupe and Marta Gutierrez drove from Texas and North Carolina on Monday after getting word that their sister and her husband suffered second degree burns.

They, along with forty other family members have waited for hours to get an update.

"We just don't know what going on," says Marta.

Last night, they slept in their cars because they didn't have a place to stay.

But some good news: the couple was released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon. They were still heavily bandaged...but doctors say it's nothing that time and medication can't heal.

The family is headed back to Bamberg tonight where they will be making funeral arrangements for the ten year old.

The Red Cross and several churches have stepped in to help.

They will be feeding the family and putting them in a hotel until permanent arrangements can be made.

State law enforcement is still looking into the cause of the fire.

The Bamberg fire chief says preliminary findings indicate an electrical problem.