Local Foxie 103 DJ D.O.C. joins the US Army

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Despite the risk of death or serious injury, people are still signing up to defend their country.

One of the reasons is the benefits.

And now one local radio personality is joining the ranks and trading in the microphone for army gear.

Radio personality D.O.C. is leaving Foxie 103 to join the US Army.

"It's hard and I love the listeners to death man," he says.

D.O.C. says the risk of death or serious injury in combat war zones is a chance he is willing to take.

"You take your chance when you wake up in the morning. You might fall to the floor," he says.

In fact, D.O.C. is one of many signing up for the Army.

One incentive is a bonus.

"They offered me a nice chunk of change because I have a college degree, so I am coming in with rank," D.O.C. says. "I get an educational bonus plus coming in as a new recruit bonus...and it's up to $40,000 and they give you half up front."

SFC Sheldon Whitfield's job is to recruit men and women to the Army.

"The incentives have helped us out a lot," says SFC Whitfield. "I'm not going to sit here and lie. The incentives, that's what they are in place for."

Sergeant Whitfield said that right after the war started, recruiting numbers dropped, but now they are back up.

Last month, recruiters in the Augusta Company exceeded goals for new recruits and National Guard members.

"We have people come in here and say, 'Hey I just want to jump out of a plane, can you help me out?'," says SFC Whitfield. "Yes, I have a job for you."

Everyone has their own reason for joining. For D.O.C. it's help with paying off student loans and supporting a family.

"Believe it or not tomorrow is my wedding day," D.O.C. says. "I'm going to try and have a mini honeymoon and then Monday I take off for basic training at Fort Jackson."

But not before leaving his listeners with one last message:

"Make sure you continue to support Foxie 103, and please make sure you continue to support our US troops."

If you want more information on how you can join the Army, call a US Army recruiter at 877-268-5512.

Those soldiers who re-enlist for six years while in a combat zone can get $15,000 tax-free.