Electronic tax filing sets new record

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You've got a couple of extra days to file your taxes this year.

To avoid a weekend deadline, the IRS says you have until April 17th.

As News 12's Meredith Taylor finds out, many people have already filed...and they're doing it e-file style.

Barbara Hickman would rather get help doing her taxes.

“No, I don't have a computer; I’m resisting.”

She doesn't have a computer and especially doesn't need one around tax time.

“I have it all together and he puts it in the computer and in a few minutes, he tells me I get a refund,” Hickman says.

The quick turnaround of Barbara’s money is through electronic filing.

It's just one of the reasons more and more people are doing it.

“Well this office, 98% of our tax returns go electronically. It’s a heck of a lot quicker,” says Richard Marshall of Rhodes-Murphy Tax Service. “They're not waiting 8 weeks to get a refund.”

Tax professional e-filing is up nearly 4 percent this year.

And doing it yourself at home has set a new record already--with more than 16 percent e-filing.

Karen Stinson of KDS Tax and Accounting says that for some of her clients, e-filing at home would be a better option…especially in the case of young professionals with only a W-2 form, because there is very little work.

“They're wasting their time and their money. They should just go home. Everybody has a computer, they can go to the library,” says Stinson.

The IRS website offers free e-filing for some taxpayers and help doing it.

But some people, like Barbara, prefer to leave it to the professionals.

But whether you're coming in an office to e-file or doing it at home, it sure beats a whole lot of paperwork.

And you may have noticed...TeleFile, or telephone filing, is no longer available this year.

Tax experts say many of those people are also now e-filing.

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