Fire in Hephzibah claims life of grandmother

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Fire breaks out in south Augusta, and an elderly woman dies in the blaze.

It happened at the plantation Ares Mobile Home Park on Sunday morning.

A trip to grandma's house was just a few steps away for teens Max and Andrew Wilsey--they wanted it this way so they could look after their 64-year-old grandmother.

“She'd always cook really good German food for the holidays. We'd love to come over and eat all the time,” says Max.

But all of that was taken away on Sunday morning after a fire raged through their grandmother's trailer.

The chief deputy coroner tells News 12 the fire started around 6:30 am.

An off-duty Fort Gordon firefighter saw the smoke from the trailer as he was driving to work on Dean's Bridge Road.

“I brought over a hose to try to do something but we couldn't do much,” says Andrew. “My brother tried to kick open the door and when he did there was so much smoke we couldn't go in there.”

After several attempts to make their way in, they say the fire furiously made its way towards a gas tank-- posing an even bigger threat.

As they stood by and watched, they couldn't help but feel defeated.

“There's nothing we could do about it,” says Andrew.

12 hours later, both were still finding it hard to believe.

“We went and got the Sunday paper for her like we do everyday; that's how unreal it feels,” Andrew says.

“We’ll get through it,” says Max.

The coroner has not released the victim's name at this time. He says he wants to wait until other medical records are brought forth in order to confirm her identity.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.