Angry Richmond County parents hold forum to discuss school system problems

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They say they're fed up and frustrated with discipline problems in their schools.

Saturday, Richmond County parents discussed the difficulties they face with teachers and administrators.

News 12's Diane Cho is on your side with how this group of parents is working toward a common goal - to make learning much easier for your child.

If parents could grade the school system, these parents would give Richmond County an F.

“Overall right now you got teachers that feel like they're untouchable, and if you go to the board of education about problems they're not going to do anything,” says Greg Collier, one of the parents.

Parents United, a group created by parents, for parents, held a forum on Saturday to voice concerns.

“If you've got a problematic teacher, then I want to know if ten other parents feel the same way so we can say, ‘Hey, if you won't get rid of her, we will’,” says Collier.

When it comes to getting information about problems within the school system, these parents say they're being shut out.

“It’s out of control,” says parent Charlotte Scott.

Scott says her son was beaten up last week at school at Glen Hills High School--and when she went to the board of education to get answers, she never made it past the first floor.

“As parents it’s not only talking about the Board of Education. We want to work with the Board, but we want to know, do they want to work with us?” Scott asks.

The parents agree that if disciplinary information was given to them, they could address issues at home...but that's not what they're seeing.

“A lot of times we hear, ‘The administrator has a handle on it’...but they don't,” says parent Cynthia Lovett.

“When you get parents together to talk about issues you can connect the dots,” says Collier.

Small dots that will hopefully become so large in number, parents’ complaints won't get pushed under the rug in the future.

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