Second brush fire sparks concern in Columbia County

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Just two days after a man loses his life in a brush fire, another fire threatens lives on Moontown Road in Columbia County.

News 12's Kate Tillotson is on your side with how victims there are coping.

Roger Locklear can't believe the condition of his yard.

"I'm surprised that the house didn't catch on fire,” Locklear says. “It's amazing to come home and see your house like this, you know, everything burned up.”

And by everything, he means everything, from his car, to his shed, to his swing set.

Even the vinyl on his mobile home peeled away like a banana.

"Guy was just out there burning off the brush,” says Locklear. “It got away from him and this is what happens."

It's happened twice this week. The first incident occurred in McDuffie County, where a man was killed while burning without a permit.

The man responsible for this damage on Moontown Road was lucky. Foresters were in the area by coincidence, doing a control burn of their own.

"It could have been a lot worse."

Locklear is thankful it didn't spread to his brand new porch.

"Stuff inside the house ain't messed up so it really just looks bad out here, but I don't think it's going to be as bad as we thought it was,” he says.

Still, Locklear, his wife and their two sons will stay at a hotel for now, because the smoky smell left behind isn't as sweet as their roses.

"It was a nightmare,” Locklear says. “I couldn't believe it. I'm in shock to come home and find all this here, you know?"

News 12 did speak with another neighbor whose yard was also damaged. She chose not to talk to us on camera.

However, both she and Locklear tell New 12 that the man responsible, who leases several acres there, has promised to take care of everything.

No one was injured in this blaze…it was contained and has completely burned out.

This all happened in Appling.

That's the part of Columbia County covered by one of the new stations as part of the county's consolidated fire service.

Engine Company 10 covers that part of Appling.

The Martinez-Columbia department has taken over protection for most of the county, except for Grovetown and Harlem.